In June 2020 as climbing gyms in B.C. were beginning to open again and switch to using liquid chalk during the pandemic, we dreamed of a healthier alternative to most liquid chalks on the market. That began our search for a magnesium carbonate that was not mined. Three quarters of the world’s climbing chalk is mined in China and contains fillers and impurities. We wanted the purest ingredients we could find. Living on Vancouver Island surrounded by the ocean we were naturally drawn to the process of magnesium carbonate derived from the sea. After an extensive search to find the best magnesium carbonate with superior friction (we tried many!), Tidal Chalk was born. We didn’t stop there. We sourced the best Canadian pure grain alcohol we could find, Pacific Ocean water and hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance that helps retain moisture in the skin) to help in the healing process and leave your hands feeling soft, without sacrificing friction.

We believe Tidal Chalk is the purest and safest chalk the market. Made locally and with love!

Two chalked hands