Our story

In June 2020, we set out to create a healthier, environmentally-friendly alternative to climbing chalk crafted from the purest ingredients
we could find.

Concerned that three quarters of the world’s climbing chalk is mined in China and contains fillers and impurities, we took inspiration from the ocean surrounding our home on Vancouver Island to find a non-mined, seawater-derived source of pure magnesium carbonate.

We didn’t stop there. We sourced the best Canadian pure grain alcohol for our liquid chalk, then added our own Salish Sea water and hyaluronic acid to help in the healing process and leave your hands feeling soft – without sacrificing friction.

What started as a pandemic project to create a superior chalk for our family of climbers became Tidal Chalk – a line of both liquid and dry chalk that contributes to a healthier environment for indoor climbing, and leaves the least amount of environmental impact on our rocks outdoors.

Tidal Chalk is one of the purest and safest chalks on the market. 

Made and packaged locally, with love!


high purity friction that’s gentle on your skin

At Tidal we believe the chalk you use on your skin and leave on the rock should start with pure magnesium carbonate, sustainably derived from seawater, instead of from mining.

Proudly made in Victoria, BC, Canada

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